Security and App Lockers

There are a few old threads from customers who had concerns about the lightweight security on the Monzo App. I my self was concerned about relying on the phone PIN to guard the App, particularly after my 5 year-old grandson was able to work out my PIN from observing me enter it a few times! I was also concerned that a card PIN reminder could be obtained using Date of Birth - which is not the most secret of data items.

As many of you will realise, using a a separate “App Locker” app can provide an extra layer of security for accessing the Monzo App that some of us would prefer.

Monzo suppport tell me that some of the App Lockers tried by customers have interfered with some feature of the Monzo App. Perhaps readers of this post can share their experiences (positive and negative) with App Lockers to guide those who might want to use one. To start:

I have used “Norton App Lock” (on Android). My observations are:

  1. It does not seem to interfere with the Monzo App
  2. It keeps the Monzo App unlocked until the phone sleeps.

I have used Norton App Locker and if I start Monzo or minimize it / send it to the background behind another app I have to enter a pattern or pin to get in. For me that is perfect.

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Apparently fingerprint-access is being worked on. For me that would be perfect.

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