Secure the application

My idea is to add insurance to the Monzo application to be more protective, for example children or if you stole your phone

Do you mean the ability to lock the app?

You can already do this

Are you on iOS or android?

Yes I Mean that

My phone Android

I think at the moment android just has fingerprint lock

It’s in the settings somewhere (sorry, I don’t have an android phone to check)

PIN unlock will be coming soon

Screenshot_20191014-193523 Screenshot_20191014-193543 Screenshot_20191014-193554

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Don’t worry Thanks you very much for helping

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Can this be moved, it is not a feedback or an idea (I’m biting my tongue here…)

I put it in the help category for you, since that’s what it boiled down to being.

Hope you sleep better now :wink: :laughing:

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