Secret criteria

Who knows the top secret criteria that’s required to get accepted for a joint account?

Careful what you wish for…

There are a few theories about conditions that seem to be constant but I’ve not seen any hard-n-fast criteria which proves either how-to get a JA or how-not-to get a JA

My underlying suspicion is that JA account acceptances are being throttled back to keep the numbers down in advance of them being wound up. From memory, the last parallel-parity additions (compared with Personal Accounts) were Salary Sorter and Get Paid Early. Which was what… August 2019?

A very MVP offering which should be so much better, given the Personal Account features.

But that aside, good luck applying :crossed_fingers:


You have to own a hot chip plushie


I don’t see Monzo stopping joint account support. Why would they? It’s a product type that’s widely used and so might miss out on people joining/going full Monzo. Maybe joint accounts v2.0 are in the works though?


A niggle at the corner of my belief.

Several ‘We want to improve JA’s’ comments from :monzo: peeps here over the last few years. But no timescales. And no further comments. The apparently increasing cases of ‘Computer says no’ for JA applications.

Where there’s smoke n’all. I would REALLY like to have that niggle removed.

All said & done - still no alternative to the :monzo: JA as it stands, but please put some development into it.


Still getting turned down? Less than a month probably isn’t long enough to wait between applications.


Can’t get used to your new pic revels lol but I like it. On topic, can’t see why any bank would stop joint accounts but a version 2.0 of monzo joint accounts sound good.

Spoiler alert: there isn’t one.


So I got refused because …?

I think there must be, I got rejected, both myself andy partner have credit score @960+, we are both on a good wage, neither of us has any credit card debt or any best for that matter other than the mortgage and that has only around 30% of the property value left to pay, if they are rejecting everyone then surely they should remove the apply for a joint account option from the menu.

They aren’t rejecting everyone, people are still able to open accounts.

You’re just not eligible on this occasion.


Unsure if I could be correct saying this (so if I’m wrong please tell me and I’ll remove it) but how do you know it’s you that’s the issue and not the person you are creating the joint account with that is forcing it to get rejected?

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Keep up the way off mark speculation about them getting wound down. Staff are regularly saying that they have people working on making these accounts better, they wouldn’t be working on this if the plug was getting pulled. Still also see plenty evidence of people coming along saying they’ve just applied for a JA and got one.

Just because someone comes along saying they’ve been declined doesn’t mean something is been wound down.


Get a new partner then try with them :eyes::flushed:


Careful with the context there, “wound down” isn’t in my posts.
Jumped on my posts for the bits you don’t like, not the whole balanced personal opinion.

But then again, I’m obvs whipping people up to keep a spotlight on something that should be better. And it’s clearly working, so I’ll keep it up.


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From your last thread about this…

If you get that far and it won’t let her at all, I’d say the issue isn’t with you.

Yep, can test all factors that way, plus the new partner might even be nicer.

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She also is at the top of her credit score, great wage, no debt etc etc etc.

I’m ok with the decision of they would let us know why so we can make the necessary changes, all we are after is a central location for our money life, which I believe is what Tom’s goal was way back in the day.


I also got my parents to apply for a joint account, they are I’d imagine even less of a risk than me, they are retired, no debt, no mortgage etc etc etc…

Credit score doesn’t really mean anything.

There is a requirement you are not meeting but they are not going to tell you what it is for a whole host of reasons.

All you can do is leave it and re-apply in a few months, not weeks.


As above :point_up:

(No debt isn’t a good thing by the way)

It is. Despite the way the credit reference / credit industry behaves.