How can I share my CA?

hi all

bit confused of what’s going to happen now that I’ve merged the prepaid with CA. I’ve been instructed to cut the card (which I did very reluctantly, I’ve always been very proud of that “beta” label on my prepaid) and, if I’m not mistaken, the app told me I would receive a new “coral card” while doing the migration?

Anyways, I now have just my debit card, and I am thinking of ways to share the account with my wife. Plan is to keep our other bank (shared) for the things we have already set there (mortgage, etc.) and shifting part of the operations to my Monzo CA. But Monzo is only in my name and I have a single debit card! Can I have an additional card? even prepaid? can I add another person on the account?

many thanks in advance!

Monzo don’t currently offer anyway to use it as a “Joint/Shared” account. It’s definitely been talked about that they would like to do something at some point but not at the moment

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Hi @grudelsud

here is a brief answer given by @simonb a few days ago to a similar question about joint accounts;

Prepay cards are being phased out and Monzo will not be issuing any more as far as I am aware.

You will receive your new debit card in few days and would be able to use your Monzo account just as your other current accounts, few functionalities are missing like International Transfers and IBAN but this could be your fully functional current account or you can use this just as you were using your Monzo Prepay card.

Get a Curve card.
Link it to your Monzo account.
One of you use the Monzo card.
One of you use the Curve card.
Problem solved.

thanks @alisufyan!

why I should receive a new debit given I already have one still baffles me… have I dreamed when reading about a new card merging monzo with monzo bank or was it real? why would they send a new one?

mh, I understand that shifting to full fledged CA is a big change, but at the moment it’s IMHO defeating the main advantage that monzo had: immediacy, particularly at loading money into the card. I’m sure they’ll sort it out though

I hear you @anon44204028 but… another app, another card, another level of complication to track while I’m looking into simplifying my life.

I agree with you. But until Monzo give 2nd cards it is the only way to have 2 cards on the one account. Otherwise if your phone has Android pay you could use the phone for contactless and your partner with the card can do contactless and chip & pin

Sorry my mistake if you have a debit card then all good you were already on CA now you have been migrated to normal Monzo App with the process you did. Hope makes sense.

It sounds like you had a prepaid card which isn’t the same as a debit card - hence why a new card had to be sent out :slight_smile:

This is why over the next 6 weeks 450,000 new cards will have to be produced as customers are migrated!