Can I request additional card for my partner as a premium member

Just wanted to know can I I request additional card for my partner


You can open a joint account with them, but not a joint Premium account.

You can have a read of all the features of Monzo Plus and compare them here:

If you want an additional card the only way atm is to open a Curve account, add your Monzo card, and give the curve card to your partner.

You can use the ‘card’ in Apple/Google Pay and give your partner the physical card (and possibly the PIN - but this opens up a whole can of security worms)

It’s a bit risky for the time when the payment method doesn’t work at the POS for one of you, but it generally works as a psuedo-joint account, less the spend-by-person detailing.

Workable but not ideal. The ideal is a Joint account that facilitates Plus/Premium features :pray:


Multiple people using the same personal account isn’t a good idea I think. Only one person has been verified and the terms and conditions are between that person and Monzo.

It could lead to the account being closed with notice, or to fraud claims being rejected (whether or not the pin was shared).

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I need to open a card for my friends

I want to refer a friend

There is no such thing as a referral any more. Your friend needs to download the app and apply using it.

If you are wanting to refer the Monzo banking service/app to a friend, then in your Monzo app, tap on ‘Payments’ and scroll down to ‘Invite friends’ & tap on it. You can then send a Golden Ticket to your friends (tested & working on :android:)

Disclaimer: There are no perks/rewards or anything associated with this anymore.

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