Search launches on Android! :mag:


It’s been super handy to have, this last week! Very impressed, I hadn’t realised how useful it was until I had it :wink:
Nice work Monzo! :smiley:

Hi Tristan!

Technical question here. What search technology are you using? Is it the A9 search engine from Amazon?

@kavi can confirm but I believe we’re just searching the local database on the device itself — which is why it’s super speedy :slight_smile:


What @tristan said.
We’re doing a pretty simple keyword search on the local data for now. I imagine this will become cleverer over time. :nerd:


Thank you guys! =)

I am exploring different search technologies (Algolia, Amazon A9, Elastic search) so was just curious how you guys were handling it.

Do you have a personal favourite? @kavi

I am on Android and have yet to receive the update from Google play. Should I be worried ?

So you don’t yet have the ability to search? :slight_smile:

My suggestion:
Reboot your phone, go back to the Google Play Store, check for updates, if there’s still nothing; head to the Monzo app in the Play Store and see if instead of “Open” & “Uninstall” there’s an “Update”, if that is the case then you’re done!
If not, I’d say uninstall and re-install the Monzo app :slight_smile: Fingers crossed that works out for you! :smiley:

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A reboot did the trick. Thanx