Search facility scaled back?

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before.

Has the search facility been scaled back?

Recently when I’ve searched for a payment or transaction the results have only shown up relevant details going back to the turn of this year with other results also shown that irrelevant.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Many thanks, Peter

What phone do you have ?

I’ve had a pixel 6 pro since maybe October last year.

My concern is that Monzo have reduced the search facility for ‘free’ accounts.

It’s my main current account and I definitely have been able in the past to search back to June 2019 when I opened the account.

I have a pixel 6 free account, and search results show years back, although I’m on the beta version of the app, so they may have fixed a bug.

Can you try scrolling all the way back to before a year to see if it lets you?

I would try uninstall the app, restart the phone and then reinstall the app.

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My search results go all the way back to my first transaction over 5 years ago.

I have the free account. Am using iPhone. Regular version of app (non beta).

Okay, I deleted then reinstalled the app and the search function is once again showing results back to when I opened the account in 2019. :nerd_face:

Thanks for all your help. :+1:t2:


Yeah, I think this is just a bug in the app but it’s ages since I last had this problem. As you say, deleting and reinstalling fixes it.

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