Missing Transactions from before May 2020

I had previously been able to search through previous transactions dating back to when i first got my Monzo account which was about 3 years ago. Currently in can only go back to transactions until 23 May 2020. Did Monzo clear out Monzo transaction history or is this a bug within the app?

This also effects total spendings for transactions. It’s nice to know how much I have spent on specifc place in the past ASOS… my favourite Nightclubs etc.

Details to reproduce:
Scroll to bottom of timeline of transactions or search for a historic transaction.
iOS 14
iPhone X
App Version:
3.54.0 #681


Likely a bug as I can go right back to when it was a pre-paid card in 2017.


So not iOS

Maybe not a ‘bug’ as such. Try;

  • Logging out of Monzo app
  • Uninstalling the Monzo app
  • Restarting your iPhone
  • Downloading, installing & logging into the Monzo app

This ‘refresh’ usually corrects issues caused locally on the device.

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