✅ [iOS] Merchant/Payee filter causes app crash


App crashes 100% of the time when pressing this button in “search” - Both on joint account and personal.

Details to reproduce:

Tap on the image of the female silhouette in “search”


iOS 12 B8


iPhone X

App Version:

TF 2.11.0



Works fine on my wife’s iPhone 6S running the App Store version of the app.

Working fine here on iOS 12 b8 running production build as well. Will try it again once TF version is released to AppStore today

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Just to say that this bug is still present in the new TF release.

What does this button actually do?

Are you asking what happens when I press it? Or what should happen? :sweat_smile:

It’s fine here.:confused: I wonder if there’s a random character it can’t handle

Strange - Works fine on my wife’s phone!

Anyone else got an iPhone X (running iOS 12 and the test flight app).

Who also has a joint account…

Appreciate this is pretty specific :joy:

This is still happening for me.

@HughWells, did you manage to find anything out?

Why are you still pressing the button? :wink:

I’m not entirely clear on where this button is or what it does I’m afraid


It’s to search by merchant/payee.

Useful on a joint account when looking for things.

Edit - @HughWells, are you saying no one at Monzo can replicate the issue at all?

I haven’t tried, as I don’t have an iPhone and didn’t have enough information :slight_smile: I’m sure it can be replicated but I’m afraid a fix won’t necessarily be a top priority here.

Ok, what more information did you need from my original post?

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This - thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Oh - I didn’t want to sound patronising by telling Monzo what their app did (hence including the picture).

Is this the best place to report bugs?

Appreciate this is a little unique, and I haven’t seen anyone else raise the issue, but it’s a bit of a pain for me.

Not sure if anyone else with an iPhone X running iOS12 can test it out on a Joint Account?

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Generally yes :slight_smile: We do take a note of them but as you mention, it is pretty unique so would not necessarily be prioritised to the top of the list :+1:

That’s fair enough.

But it would be good to know if it’s something specific on my JA that is causing the crash, or whether it’s the same for everyone.

If it’s the former, I can probably get it fixed.

If it’s a general issue affecting everyone, I can ignore it :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit - As it’s working on my wife’s iPhone 6S running the App Store version, I guess it’s a general issue.

I just need to find someone who is running…

iPhone X
iOS 12 Beta
Test Flight App
Joint Account

Hello… Is there anybody out there? :joy:



I’m afraid despite having the same setup as you, I can’t replicate this. That button works for my JA (though the options for merchants include those for both my sole and joint accounts - think that’s a separate bug!)

I’m also on an iPhone X, running iOS 12 DP 12 and Monzo 2.13.0 from Testflight.

Somebody else was taking about this on slack this morning. Personal account, latest testflight. They posted a video

Did it crash the app?