[iOS] Feed no longer infinite - mine stops in October 2019

Issue: my feed only goes back as far as 10th August. Searching for July or any month prior yields nothing, no transaction or hashtag searches show anything either, etc etc.

This seems to have been going on for a while but I thought related to general search issues. Crashing has been fixed but this remains.

Details to reproduce: scroll/search as far back as you can. Assuming it’s number of transactions limited rather than specific date but just a guess at this point?
Device: XS
App Version: TestFlight 3.23

Screenshots: n/a

On Android 3.23.0, I can scroll back several years to the very beginnings of both my Personal and Joint accounts - this may be iOS only. I’ve changed the title to match.

Maybe only a Test Flight issue.

Nope. I can go back to July 2016 in my copy of the TestFlight build.

I think it may be JA issue as mine shows Oct 19

PA seems to work fine goes back to 2018 but don’t you it that much also on TestFlight latest version

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I saw this on another thread and a member of staff said there was a fix for this pushed recently, maybe try a reinstall.


I have the same issue. Customer since Jan 2016, but only transactions since Aug 2017 are shown.

Also using TestFlight build.

Reinstall worked! Thank you.


Thanks, @kolok. It worked for me too!


Just bumping this to flag that it’s happened again and my feed now stops back in October.

Will try a reinstall but this is clearly a persistent bug.

Mine doesn’t go further back than 16 Jan 2020 :thinking:

Test flight 3.29

26 dec 2015 for me :slight_smile: 50 quid initial top up …actually annotated as “initial top up” lol