Scroll into the future!


It would be really nice to be able to scroll into the future on my timeline and see ‘Predicted’ transactions.

Example, every month I have my iCloud subscription come out, Mondo could look at this and see that on the same day every months for the last so many months I have had £2.49 charged to my account. So when scrolling into the future it shows that transaction. This would also work nicely when direct debits come to Mondo.

Often I have things come out of my account regularly and I forget that they are going to come out - I believe this will help me budget better.

What do you think?


There is something along these lines built into the spending graph - it shows a grey line tailing off estimating how long your current balance will last. kind of does that - although you have to enter all your subscriptions manually and it’s not linked to your bank account. So it would be cool to see Mondo do something similar to this eventually.

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