Predicting my future balance

This is an idea that is maybe more applicable for When Mondo achieves full bank status.

I get paid every 4 weeks. My direct debits come out monthly. This means that some paydays i dont have to pay all of my bills and the point between pay packets that my bills get paid is different every month.

I end up having to track on a spreadsheet where i can expect my balance to be at different points in the month.

Because the payments arent always the same - credit card payments for example - this can prove tricky. When i fail it results in going overdrawn and charges being applied to my account.

I’d likethe app to have an algorithm that looks at and understands my regular expenditure and income and gives me a likely balance into the future based on the results. A daily graph would be ideal. I would also be able to make manual adjustments to that figure if i knew i was going to have a previously unforseen expense or was expecting a windfall.

This would enable me to better manage my day to day spending, reduce overdraft fees and reduce the worry and stress that goes with not knowing where i am financially.

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I think this is what the balance graph at the top of the app home page is going to do for us when the current account is released.

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Posting in here as my idea is very closely related but how about a “top up warning” if your balance is predicted to run out or predicted to drop below a set ammount, using last trends?