I was thinking, it would be quite useful to have a calendar view option, where on each date there would be say a green dot or a red dot to show if your under/over budget and when you select that date, it would give you the amount.

Like for instance, someone says come to so-and-so’s party next Friday, you can check ahead on the calendar view and be like nope can’t afford it lol (story of my life!)

Unless there is a way to do this already in a different way?

Sorry if I misunderstand, but I’m not sure this feature would be possible.

You can already see how much money you have left to spend (balance minus future recurring payments) so you can see how much ‘spending money’ you have left this month.

There wouldn’t be a way for Monzo to know how much you’re going to spend before the party so I don’t know what this feature would do exactly.

Hiya, I mean more as a look ahead rather than the current month you are in. As some recurring payments are not monthly, and also once the budget timelines are changed (to view on a weekly/2-weekly basis) payments can differ.

I am paid 2-weekly so twice a year I have 3 paydays in one month. But I have 3-monthly subscriptions, annual insurance and breakdown cover etc.

Just as more of a plan-ahead.

Similar to the attached !