Feature request: Better visibility of scheduled payments

(Peter Jones) #1

It’s the 23rd of January and tax season so I’ve scheduled a payment to HMRC on the 29th. I can see this in Monzo by looking at Account->Scheduled Payments. As it’s easy to forget that I can’t use this money in the meantime it would be nice to have one of:

  • The payment appears in the feed as an upcoming transaction (I think currently it only shows up if the payment is the next day)
  • The payment appears as an “available balance” so for example on the main page it would say “Current Balance £10,000 (£5,000 available)” or similar


I think the upcoming ‘Commited Spending Pot’ would solve the second point for you. Isolating money needed for upcoming, known bills and payments.

On your first point: I would prefer a calendar layout, or a pulse feature that highlighted upcoming payments and predicted the balance in the future. I think I’ve seen suggestions for both these ideas and they actually make pulse seem useful.

I’ve said it before, but I would really value Google Calendar (and others) integration so payments automatically updated within my calendar.

(Matt) #3

Yeah, replacing the summary pie chart with upcoming transactions highlighted in a graph of predicted balance plotted against time would be cool, I saw a mockup of something like that in another thread.

Anything clearly showing upcoming transactions and predicted balance over time would be awesome though.

Calendar integration sounds interesting although I’m not sure how it would function.

(Andy Hughes) #4

Another thing that would improve the visibility of scheduled payments would be a summary of the total amount you’ll be paying. At the moment if you set a payment to repeat weekly starting on ‘x’ date and finishing on ‘y’ date it doesn’t show you how much you’re going to pay over that period.

This would be useful as I often buy gig tickets out of a separate account and then pay it back in chunks over a period of time. E.g. If I want to pay back £100 over 4 months I’d start the scheduled payments on the 28th March and end them on 28th of June. Would a fourth payment go in on the 28th of June or would I be a day short? Should I just stop it on some other random day after the 28th or even at the beginning of July?