iTunes coming to Samsung tellies

About time!

Great news as far as I’m concerned and hopefully a precursor to it also coming to Android, Chromecast, Fire TV etc.

I’ve always found iTunes prices quite competitive and getting 4K and HDR for free is a nice bonus that Google Play is just starting to offer.


Hopefully more manufacturers will jump on the bangwagon. I’ve been waiting for both of those for years!

Apple also looking to use cable/satellite company’s through its Apple TV boxes also, in UK sky are already looking to got through internet connections and now they have been bought by Comcast maybe sooner rather than later.

I’ve been waiting with interest for sky to start a fully dish free service, reckon we will see it next year. It’ll be interesting to see how they expand their personalised advertising they do on dish service this now to the online platform where they may have more data to personalise with

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Agree, often got good deals on rentals and films to purchase. Nice to have it available in more places.