Scheduled transactions idea


I have an idea that would be good for me!
In our scheduled transactions (direct debits, bills, scheduled payments)

It would be so useful at a quick glance each month that when each payment has been made the transactions turn green! Then I know what is left at the end of each month (over several transaction dates (with different providers) and I can better manage my money at a quicker glance!

Let me know thoughts!

Rhys Matthew

I use Summary for this. Scroll down past Spending to get to Committed Spending and when I select Bills I see grey for upcoming and black for paid:

Not quite the same as what you are asking for but nearly there?

Thanks for our reply, looks similar- but would be great to see it on the scheduled bills tab when transaction cleared.

I’d also like it to sort based on payment date… so all the payments that are due within a month are at the top.
also if there was a running total of outstanding payments left for the month

Sounds like something related may be arriving to Bills Pots in the nearish future:

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