Mark scheduled payments as "paid" each month

This might be pie in the sky stuff but it would be nice if the Scheduled Payments tab could highlight which payments have been completed this month and which ones are still to go. (Resetting each month).

This could be a nice visual to complement the summary wheel.

DVLA :white_check_mark: (paid)
Car Insurance :white_check_mark: (paid)
Dog Insurance :white_check_mark: (paid)
Council Tax :grey_exclamation: (Not yet paid)

What do you think?


Could get cluttered, but presuming we don’t get that actual whopping big green tick in the UI then, it’s a nice touch for sure.

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I was kind of hoping each line could just get highlighted with a slightly lighter background or something if paid. I just couldn’t think how to replicate it here :slight_smile:

Could be nice somewhere to see under committed spending in summary

A list of direct debits plus when each is paid/ticked off

Strike through would work for me.


Is the greyed out for not yet paid and black for paid in the committed spend not sufficient?

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Mine doesn’t do that! Are you on Android? Is it a parity issue?

Ah could be an iOS thing!

That’s the same for me on Android. I think @glasgow is on iOS? :thinking:

I’m on iOS but none of mine are different colours/shades. :confounded:

They change colour on the Summary page but not the scheduled payments list but that does mean that the functionality already exists. Making scheduled payments do the same wouldn’t add much for me since I look at the Summary for this stuff.

Those tabs serve different purposes though, If I want to see what I still have left to pay in the month I go to Summary. Scheduled payments have a multitude of different kinds of payments, some recurring some not, and with different payment frequencies.

Would you also mark one off scheduled orders as paid or remove them completely as they currently are?

I personally like the Scheduled payments screen as is, they are ordered by next payment date so the next expected ones are at the top and you can see at a glance what is next going out. Once paid they either disappear (if non-recurring since obviously it is no longer a scheduled payment) or get rearranged somewhere into the list.

I would personally vote against this, I like it as it is.

Edit to add: I do think some work can be done to Summary page to include scheduled pot payments which are currently being ignored unlike other schedule payments.