Scheduled sweep of main account to savings pot

I know some existing banks do this and I found it really useful to save.

So at a scheduled time, either last working day of the month, on a set date, or set day weekly etc, you could sweep the existing balance of main account into a saving pot.

It’s a really cool way of putting the money you havent spent in a given month to savings before you get paid again.

At the moment I haven’t switched fully to monzo, instead I send a scheduled payment weekly and only use my Monzo card to help control my spending. So in my example I’d use it every Sunday to sweep any unspent money to a pot.

You mean like this button at the bottom of my Monthly report?

I have a sneaking suspicion it’s :soon:

That’s gone missing on my last 2 reports, I really miss it :sob:

Some people never have had it


I didn’t realise that was a thing, but yeah similar to that, but scheduled. Would be a cool little feature especially as the logic seems to already be there :+1:


Yeah - it’s the main thing I want to have: Sweep my remaining amount to a sekrit pot every Friday when I send in my spending money each week. It would possibly encourage me to go Plus if it was behind the paywall. I guess I should just set a reminder on my phone and save myself a fiver…

With IFTTT you can do move amount on date/time to pot.

I wonder if you can have the amount as a variable based on your current balance.

Paging the guru… @BritishLibrary

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He has indeed :nerd_face:

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Will caveat ^^ post with: Those formula are set up as if you are editing the Monzo Transactions sheet directly, which I would now reccomend against. (Use a new sheet with IMPORTRANGE()).

The formula is the same, you likely just need to modify a few cell references depending on the data.

As an aside, it’s been ages since I’ve tried to get IFTTT to do something weird and wonderful with the Export Data.