✅ Scheduled pot withdrawals

Hi - pots are great. I have needed these for ages and the only way i managed this before monzo was to open multiple accounts with Metro, each with a separate sort code and a very formal feeling to it. Clunky. Monzo is much more practical and fun and no hit to my credit score. Thanks, Metro!

I see that we can set up scheduled payments TO pots but i think we need this the other way around, too.

Reason for this is that we can create multiple pots for a budget - and some of these are recurring, eg train fare, work-day lunches. Stuff i buy every day. Since you can only spend money from the home account, id like to have my daily budget paid directly from my pot to my home account ready to spend.

Alternative could be to have certain transactions (or transction types) allocated to a certain pot. So id have a train travel pot and everytime i buy a ticket, it comes out of that.


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This feature has been requested loads by the community before and you’ll be pleased to know that got added last week:


Sounds like the IFTTT integration would be perfect for you.

Try this applet:

Or this one:

Great, thanks Toby!

Brilliant - thank you very much :wink:

I would love to re-organise the list order of my pots.

Is this possible?

Will it be possible in the future?

Discussion and place to vote for this is here:

This would be a massive life saver.

Does monzo send notifications when a direct debit is about to go out??

You get an item in your feed the day before and if there’s not enough in your account to cover it then you get a push notification

Wish list! It would be great if Monzo also sent push notifications the day before a DD is due whether or not you have enough money to cover it.

Just made a new empty pot in order to transfer the money for a regular standing order in on payday and out on standing order day.

It’s not intuitive to make an empty pot, and it’s also not possible to make a scheduled withdrawal that’s more than the current contents of the pot! I had to transfer in the amount of that standing order (even though I already paid the standing order this month), create the scheduled pot withdrawal and then transfer the money back out of the pot again.

Sounds like you need a committed spending pot…

That’s brilliant. Thankyou. Only just got round to making everything full monzo that’s all so didn’t know.

I’ve set a scheduled pot withdrawal. The scheduled payment details show a + for the withdrawal. Surely this should be a

Omg I didn’t even know this was a thing! I’m so happy :joy: