Scheduled payments on pots until goal achieved

Reckon this has been flagged up before but all the same - would it ever be possible to set up a scheduled payment for a Standard Pot that would run until, and only until, the goal on that Pot has been achieved? One less bit of admin to worry about, I’d have thought.

Is there a notification when the goal is reached?

Id say alot of people would want to put away more than their goal, but if not you can stop it at your goal when you see the notification.

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It has been suggested before. Be sure to search for it and cast your vote.

A suggestion in the topic was to do a bit of math when you create the pot. So if your goal is to save up £1200 in a year then you’d setup your scheduled payment to put away £100 per month for 12 month so it automatically stops.

Then as mentioned above I believe you get a congratulatory notification when you hit your goal :slight_smile: