End scheduled pot payment when goal reached

When setting up a repeated scheduled payment to a pot, I want to be able to set the end date for when I meet my goal, instead of a date.

What does everyone else think?
Would this be useful to you?
Can you do this already and I’ve just missed it?


I’m confused.

You want to be able to set the end date for when you meet the goal, instead of a … date? An end date isn’t a date? Do you mean a target date (which is still a date?).


I’m even more confused. It was early to read that :joy:

To be fair, I’ve not finished my first coffee yet so thought it might just be me… :coffee::sleeping:

Do you mean like set a target date so the pot will tell you how much to put in per day / week?

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In the image, when I click the stop repeating button, it shows me a date picker. I want it to stop adding to my pot when I reach my pot goal. Currently everytime I add or withdraw money from the pot I need to go back and change what date it stops repeating, so I get to my goal but don’t pay to much.


Aha I see. So the payment would continue to repeat regardless until the pot goal has been reached?


Great idea :boom:
So in the date picker you want to be able to select an option ‘Until goal reached’

You have a pot goal of £300
Monthly you add £75
Four monthly payments would get you there.
You get a bonus at work and throw an extra £75 in one month.
Now you want the third payment to be the last.


This is exactly what I was thinking :smile: