Pause and restart scheduled payments once a Pot is full

So once you hit the goal you’ve set for the Pot, you’re prompted to pause the scheduled payments into it. Once the balance goes below the goal, you’re prompted to restart the scheduled payment. Could be very useful for infrequent-but-large costs!


I do this automatimanually via IFTTT at the moment but it’s pretty restrictive in what I can do so a native implementation would be helpful.

I tried using IFTTT to do it but couldn’t figure it out. Would you mind if I asked how you configured it?

Looks like you’d need Monzo to add a trigger for “If pot balance is less than pot goal for pot X” and an action for “Deposit £Y every X days/weeks/months/years into pot Z” to IFTTT.

NB: a trigger for “If pot balance less than £X” could also work, but it wouldn’t be as nice an integration imo.

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