Scheduled Payments in Pots

Hi gang.

Anyone know if there is a plan to ‘name’ scheduled payments in pots? I use this feature to manage subscriptions throughout the month and it would be really useful to mange these in a more coherent fashion:

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There are no plans that have been announced to my knowledge.

They have recently done a lot of work in this area so if you’re quick you can suggest it here and see if they can add it to their list?

Otherwise, renaming your topic title to be more fitting of what you’re asking for will allow others to find and vote for the idea - which in turn will get Monzos attention should it generate enough votes.

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There was talk of unifying when it moves from a pot to pay a DD, so there’s not the double entry.

But I would think your problem will be solved when you can pay a subscription from a pot, which is in the pipeline.

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Many thanks both :slightly_smiling_face: