Scheduled Payments from a personal account to joint POT?

Hi guys/girls.

A quick question, and wondering if someone could help me please?

I can set up a SCHEDULED PAYMENT from my personal account to a personal POT no issues. However it won’t let me do 1 from my personal account to a JOINT POT. I have to transfer it to joint account 1st then do it. Is there a way around this?

Thankyou in advance

You can’t do pot transfers between accounts directly.

You have to transfer it from your personal account to your joint account first. Then transfer from the joint account to your pot.

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Cheers mate, I thought that would be the case.
I’ll just have to set up a scheduled payment to the joint account.
Then a scheduled payment from the joint to the individual pots.
Just long winded.
Thanks anyway

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Assuming the trigger to transfer to your Joint account is made when you receive a payment into your Personal account (like a salary receipt) you can do a Salary sort from your Personal account to your Joint account too. Then if the amount ‘sorted’ to your Joint account is £100 or more, you can do a secondary salary sort from your Joint account to a pot (or several pots)

A little more manual, but this way allows for changes and amount edits as necessary.

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