Schedule payments into Pots!

(Izzy) #21

Looks great, but on Android, I cant seem to change the amount…


Just set up some schedule payments into pots for next month and no problems setting up. However have just tried removing money from one of my pots and the balance on the pot updated but the transaction has not appeared on my feed. The money seems to have just disappeared. Reported to online support (iOS 2.6.0 from app store)

Update: This has now been fixed. First class support by Monzo in ironing this bug out :ok_hand:

(Calum James) #23

This is really important, I think, especially for those who have a variable income (e.g. if they have a bonus sometimes).


I’ve had this for weeks :thinking:

(Uatu) #25

Great progression for the pots feature.

Thank you Monzonaughts

(Matthew Hornby) #26

If I could set this up, then choose to pay my direct debits from that pot, I’d probably move to Monzo as my main account. (This might be what a couple of the previous commentators meant, and I didn’t quite understand).

(Jack) #27

Scheduled withdrawals would be good for those that get paid student loans and want to pay themselves a bit each week or month. I guess this can be done with ifft though.

(Jack) #28

I’ve heard mentions that a direct debit pot is something that will likely be worked on in the future :honey_pot:


Oh really :eyes:I’ve not seen this?

Edit: just found @tom response here:

(Jack) #30

I was just about to say I’d found it too :sweat_smile:



(#savetheseabass) #32

He seemed to be saying that on tonight’s Q&A. Talked about scheduling money into a pot and paying your bills with it


Brilliant! Any indication how long it might be before we see it :roll_eyes:?

(#savetheseabass) #34

I don’t think so

(Dan) #35

Great update :slight_smile: thanks Monzo :slight_smile:

(Ben Talbot) #36

Anyone else getting this bug?

(Rafael freitas) #37

Great ideas!
I’d also add Goal of X amount by X date. Ie: help me know how much I’d have to move into the pot every month to achieve the objective of X amount by X date.
This is a brilliant long term budgeting functionality that is very well implemented by YNAB.


This is really cool, I’m excited to olay around with it. What would be really awesome though is to be able to enter « variable » amounts. Meaning it’d be great it I could tell it the pot to transfer over the remaining of my balance on the evening before my salary comes in. So that each month I am automatically saving what I haven’t spent.

(Phil) #39

I’ve seen it mentioned, but I’d definitely back the ability to move money into pots based on getting paid. Maybe this could be an IFTTT trigger based on Monzo recognising who I’ve received money from and the date.

I’d like to get closer to automating everything at the beginning of the month.


IFTTT is a good workaround for now, but I assume most features that don’t use another IFTTT service will eventually be done natively in Monzo? :crossed_fingers:

I’d hope that Monzo is getting some anonymous usage data from IFTTT so they can work out the most popular functionality - with a view to potentially making it naive in the future.