Schedule payments into Pots!

(Amy McDonnell) #41

Looks great!!

I’m looking forward to being able to schedule Direct Debits straight from Pots. I think that’ll revolutionise the Pots feature!

(Bas) #42

Ace! Love it. Wanted it. Happy with it!


Can we please get 4 weekly schedule option.

(Ed Stubbs) #44

Yes, this would make a lot of sense to me too. It would he nice for the summary to breakdown where all of my salary has gone and any automatic transfer into pots would class as committed spending

(Foxy) #45

The only issue with this I’ve found is that I can’t schedule a payment that is higher than my current balance. I was looking to schedule a payment to my savings put on payday, but can’t as the amount I want to schedule is higher than my current balance.

(Jack) #46

That’s interesting. Strange that this isn’t aloud. Maybe it’s an oversight…


That’s a shame because it makes it a bit redundant not being able to do future payments unless they match your balance into the pot.


I’ve just set up a scheduled payment that is significantly higher than my actual balance (for a future date).

It worked fine - No problems for me.

I now need to cancel that scheduled payment! :joy:

(Jack) #49

Cancellations coming soon :soon: :sweat_smile:


I tried doesn’t work if I do today but if future date it works fine you are spot on @nickh


Haha, luckily it cancelled fine.

Although I set it up for a regular 9 grand transfer!

Maybe I should have left it to see if 9 grand appeared in my pot!


I cancelled mine too but was trying for testing basis.

(Foxy) #53

are you using iOS or Android? I’m on Android and I cannot change the payment amount after selecting ‘Select Scheduled payment’, I can only set the amount on the Add to Pot stage, which doesn’t let me go higher than my current balance. I wouldn’t ruke out that I’m doing it wrong though :no_mouth:


I am using iOS


Yeah, I’m also on iOS.

Can any of the Android peeps try?


Shouldn’t scheduled payments to pots be part of the committed spending in summary?


I just gave it a go…I was able to set up a £500 scheduled payment for tomorrow, however when I went back into scheduled payments to check it the amount had changed to my account balance!


I am a little in awe of the fact you needed to set up a £9k transfer to make sure you were over your account balance!! :):joy:

Can you lend me a tenner??


Hahaha! I’m afraid the £8,995 balance is tied up for other things! :joy:

Sadly, that is not my current Monzo balance! I just wanted to “go big, or go home” when testing it out!

(Joe Sleight) #60

Yer I wish we could do this to. Very annoying. Had to transfer money from all my pots. Set up a scheduled payment then transfer it back again.