Scams to watch out for when you're shopping online this Christmas

Some tips from @angusfrommonzo in our financial crime team about shopping online this Christmas :eyes:


Very useful tips indeed, agree Christmas spending sprees are a time to be more savvy and never take what you see for granted :face_with_monocle: thanks for sharing :clap:

As someone who has had to help elderly friends and relatives with making charity donations, thank you for including tips about checking charity donations are going to the right place! Some of the people I’ve helped were trying to donate by clicking links in their email (which where then blocked by the network policy), so 90% of my work was directing them to ignore email links and go direct to the site for the organisation instead.

Also worth mentioning that the same general advice applies to the charity bags you get through your front door as well. While plenty can be legit, a lot of them aren’t real charities and the people collecting the bags are selling the contents for profit instead. I always say to people that if getting a bag through the door like that prompts you to clear out some of your stuff and donate it to charity, take the filled bag to your local charity shop (regardless of if they provided the bag or not!) instead of leaving it outside your front door. If you can’t do that, best to only react to bags which are clearly from the big, legit charities.

This was something I came across when researching for this blog and very little was written about it.

It’s definitely one of the more shocking techniques.