We've seen a spike in investment scams on social media. Here’s how to protect yourself

Our financial crime analyst Lizzie was just on Radio 4’s You and Yours talking about the increase in investment scams we’ve seen in the past few weeks.

You can listen back here

And find out more about the kinds of scam we’re seeing and how you can spot them here:


Anyone having a scammer getting in touch with you, please, do forward it to me.
I am trying to build a compilation of stories with these individuals.

About the article, the best way to identify anything like that is “if it is too good to be true, it is not”

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I’ve just paid into a Monzo account unknowing thatbitbwas frais till afterwards ,(

Hello Lindsay

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Can you clarify this bit please?

Hi Lindsey

Not quite sure what you mean

If it’s that you think you’ve been scammed by a monzo account customer then send full details to help@monzo.com

Sorry no idea why that’s sent like that… I’ve been a victim of fraud and the bank account I transferred stupidly was a Monzo account.

Very sorry to hear that

As @Rat_au_van says above the best option, supposing you are not yourself a Monzo account holder, is to use the email address, providing any details you can

Hope it gets sorted

I experienced this