Scammed in real life?


Long story short I was buying a football ticket outside the stadium & the ticket was not real, a complete fake.

By the time I got told this the guy had long gone. He only put a first name (red flag i guess)

Will i be refunded for this?

You paid via bank transfer?

Nope. No way of getting that back. You need to report them to the police.


As above.

Action Fraud and report to the police.

Search their sortcode online and see which bank it relates to, then raise a complaint to them with the bank details.

On receipt. Their account will likely be frozen for investigation. Also raise it with monzo to cover both sides.

The likelihood of a refund is typically none due to the method paid (if faster payments). There’s no guarantee this way.


IIRC (old knowledge but I think still relevant) their bank won’t do anything as you’re not the customer in question.

I believe the proper process here is to report it to your own bank, who although won’t usually refund you, can then invoke this process on your behalf, with a possibility of getting your money back from the other bank (though very rare).

You’ll need to prove the ticket was a dud. Because just as common as this fraud is, it’s equally common for folks to buy tickets, go to the event, then claim things like this to try to get their money back, which can cause harm to the person who sold. Hence the burden of proof being on the victim here.

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