Savings Question

Hi guys.
I have a financial advocate who looks after my money and has done for the past 3 years.
I opened a savings account with Barclays, and in a few months will be transferring all the money from my advocates account into my Barclays savings.

Because it’s such a large amount of money ( about £10,000 ) will they be alright with this or would I have to go into branch to discuss it with someone. It will be a one-off payment into the savings,and from then I will be transferring a set amount each month into my monzo for spending and bills



It’s not an abnormally large amount but it may cause some AML triggers. Ideally your financial advocate will be able to draft a letter confirming the source of the funds which is all that would be required. I’d recommend you and/or your financial advocate contacting Barclays up front and getting their advice.


Will do thanks, I shall visit Barclays this week and see what they say


Barclays won’t have an issue with the payment from another account. As long as the payment originates from a UK bank account it will be fine. The issue is only ever when its from an account there is no paper trail from.


Thanks guys. I have contacted barclays and they said it will be ok :slight_smile: