Savings pot confusion

Hi all, I was attracted to Monzo for its ability to split up my savings. I like the idea of knowing this is my holiday fund, this is my new car savings etc… However on creating my first two pots yesterday, I hit a brick wall trying to create any more. I understand why you might not be able to open a second ISA “pot”, but I can’t even open a second saver account at the lowest rate. Am I missing something? Have I misunderstood, or am I doing it all wrong?!
Thanks in advance!

Monzo currently (mostly) only allows you to have one of their own savings pots at 4.1% - they may change that in future, and are testing that - but not for now! :slight_smile:

Not a recommendation per se, but I have been using Chip, which like many of these savings app will link directly to Monzo to allow you to easily move cash in/out.

I use this for more longer term savings, and honestly I always forget I have the account and always get a nice surprise when I open the app. Out of sight out of mind.

Hi @Russ281. Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I can understand your confusion, and it’s a complaint a lot of people have here too. To put it simply, you can have:
1 “Instant Access Savings Pot”
1 “Instant Access Cash ISA”
1 “Safety Net”
(Plus 1 “Instant Access Saving Pot” attached to your Joint Account if you have one.

(edit: You can have more savings pots with your money stored with a 3rd party, but accessible through Monzo, too. As these are provided through 3rd parties, the rates will vary. Note that it’s not “instant” withdrawl either. Usually next working day for easy access, but they also have fixed term accounts.)

If you need more pots directly through Monzo, you would need to create standard (aka, non-savings) pots, but you wouldn’t earn any interest on those savings.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.
That’s a little frustrating. I am able to have multiple savings accounts of the same type with first direct, but cannot name them. Here it’s the opposite problem!
Hopefully the situation improves in time.

Actually you can create many more savings pots, within Monzo, but not with Monzo.

Shawbrook, Oaknorth, Paragon and possibly others all offer savings pots within your Monzo account. They do easy access (next working day for withdrawals) and fixed term. Offers change quite frequently.

The two notable limitations are that access is next working day for easy access pots, and you have to maintain a £10 minimum balance on these pots.

Edit - I do agree that the “Create a savings pot” workflow is very muddled and not the easiest to find the pot types you’re looking to create.

Edit 2 - @Russ281 If you go to create a savings pot then tap on “See all rates” you should see something like this:

Forgot about the partners. Updated my post.

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