Saving Account instead of Saving Pots

Since having an ISA pot, normal pots have been ruined for me.

Monzo has been great for my saving, amongst my small pots for weekly food and bills i’m now saving for christmas, holidays, credit card pay off, money for my 5% regular saver and my Lifetime ISA which I opened last year and put into quarterly. So this amounts to having a running flow of about £2000 across my pots at any one time.

But, why keep them all separate when if I munge them all into my one saver pot, I can make a little bit more off of it?

I can’t have multiple saver pots because I need to maintain the £500 balance - easy across the sum of multiple pots - not so easy over any single pot in a group, and I can only open one official ISA a tax year, so I can only have one ISA savings pot a year.

So now, I have one ISA saver pot - and a few regular small regular pots - and I have to keep track on an excel spreadsheet of my ‘goal amounts’ and what makes up the total amount.

My proposal would be instead of having a saver pot, to have an ISA saver account, and allow that account to have pots.

There’s been suggestion of pots within pots but I suspect that’s not going to happen since it could get messy or, be difficult to design ergonomically.

I’ll admit to having a load of empty pots. All my live savings (I.e. not in fixed term accounts) are in one pot earning interest.

I then have an empty pot for each individual aspect (i.e Holiday or Car Insurance etc) and I edit the goal amount of the empty pots to remind me what would be in them if I was using pots the intended way.

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A possible alternative solution to this is having pots within Savings Pots - although this is essentially what you’re describing. You can vote for having pots within Savings Pots here:


To turn things on it’s head, i’d say that pots within pots is essentially a savings account, but I don’t think pots within pots is a ‘clean’ solution. Pots within pots adds complexity to the app whereas I don’t believe mutliple accounts does in the same way:

We already have the option for joint accounts and in the future will have the option to view external accounts/credit cards. One more Monzo account which is specifically for saving - with a minimum of £500 - would allow someone to have different pots for different saving goals.