Savings Marketplace?

(Peter McDonald) #1

In today’s Bulletin, you mentioned that you would like to give non-developers the ability to have the power of creating their own saving strategy in a similar fashion that developers have used the API.

This got me thinking (I posted it in the comment as well). How about developing a marketplace. The marketplace would allow people to implement and create a strategy for saving. Other Monzo developers could then select the strategy and have a single click interface in implementing it into their own account.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Great minds :wink:

(Peter McDonald) #3

Hey Alexs

Think you have misunderstood my suggestion slightly (maybe the way I described it). In the bulletin today they mentioned that there have been many feature requests for the coin jar (for example) this included being able to round up to the nearest 50p etc. They then discussed how you could do this already but you would need to be a developer and be able to use the API.

The suggestion I had would be to create a user marketplace which allows people to develop these types of saving strategies. This would then allow all customers to be able to implement the strategies on their own account. Ideally this would just be a 1 click “install as such”

The possibilities would be fairly endless:

Ability to create a strategy that fines you (fine goes into the coin jar) if you buy fast food
Ability to round up to the nearest or next whole £
Ability to limit how much is saved per month


As Monzo already have your financials the marketplace could also have the ability to calculate roughly (providing spending stays the same) how much would be saved monthly.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Ah ok so almost mini-apps with functionality for Pots? That sounds cool, developers have started building apps for other features here already so I expect we’ll see some for Pots soon :crossed_fingers:

(Peter McDonald) #5

Yeah pretty much. I have been considering playing about with the API myself. Maybe even making an Alexa skill (unfortunately due to the status of the API i.e. private only, it would need to remain an unpublished skill).