Savings accounts

(Ouvrielle Holmes) #1

Loving my current account sooooo much! Anyone know of any updates re. when Monzo will be launching a savings account? (This request has been sparked by Moneybox Live (BBC Radio 4) this morning having a discussion on newer banks offering good savings account interest rates).

(MikeF) #2

Their current plans are for ‘never’ but that may change in future I suppose.

The question will be when the marketplace gets up and running, what savings plans will they bring on board from outside.

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #4

I personally, would LOVE to see a Savings Account along side my current account (even if just one account).

I do hope this becomes a future plan, my pots are great to keep money away from my spending, but some longer term plans I don’t want to miss out on interest lol.

Marketplace sounds promising, but I do like doing everything from one app rather than needing multiple :slight_smile:

(David Ball) #5

I would also LOVE to see Monzo offer savings accounts, particularly after the chaos at TSB where, after 2 weeks, I still cannot axcess my accounts online or via mobile.