Savings Graph

Savings Graph Idea

Just wanted to submit a feature request/feedback idea around Saving Pots. I’m going to look at the API later to see if it’s info I can get myself and create, but it might be a useful feature in the app itself for other users.


The “Easy Access Savings” tracks deposits, and works out averages. It also tracks Round Ups and their averages. I’m assuming both are easily available in the JSON returned from the following endpoint:"

If not then they’d need to be for this idea to work :unicorn:

Anyway what I think would be great is if it could do a prediction graph towards when you’re meet your end-goal, or even just some basic maths and display that to the user.

So on the “Savings” tab of the app there could be a “Predictions” button or something similar which displays:

  • Average savings per month, both round-up and deposits
  • Months till target met at current savings rate
  • Cumulative graph displaying accurate historical data, and predicated future data base on average savings

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