Predicted pot balance & pot pulse graph

Would be great if the pot detail screens had a pulse like graph of deposits and withdraws, but even better if it could include a prediction of what the balance will look like over the next several months. Especially if you have scheduled transfers set up for a pot it’d be nice to see how its predicted to look next year, or even an estimate of when you’ll hit your goal.

I like the predicted bit but not sure about the pulse graph.

There is a lot of discussion about how useful the graph is in general and whether it should be scrapped entirely here:

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I think individual pulse graphs for pots is a good idea.

NB: I’m not a fan of the Pulse graph above the Home feed though.

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I once used a manual 3rd party banking app that had a running balance based on your expected spend. This was calculated on budgets that you set yourself at weekly level as well as your bills that will come out. This enables me to adjust my budget week by week to account for any bills or additional spending that I might have done.