Savings / Cash ISAs in Monzo?

With savings rates on the up, I’m considering opening a cash ISA again.

Are there any cash ISAs that show in Monzo through open banking? I suspect the answer is no, but I wanted to check.

I’m also interested in understanding what (non ISA) savings accounts you can see in Monzo through open banking. I have Santander and HSBC on my list at the moment…

How much of a better rate would you ignore in favour of having the data in Monzo?

For example;

3.71% - Stick with what Monzo offer
5% - No data in Monzo, but the rate is too good to ignore

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I suppose I’m more interested in what shows up in Monzo for future reference.

(Obviously, I have a bias for data in Monzo, but ultimately rate is king).


Barclays rainy day saver shows up in Monzo.

(Need Barclays current account, £800 pcm paid in and two direct debits, enable blue rewards to access 5% easy access rate)


There are some cash ISA’s available through their partnerships. I setup an Investec one which had a rate of 3%+. I’m not sure what rates are available now as it doesn’t show any more (presumably as you can only add to one in any single tax year)

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Virgin has a 3.75% ISA but you have to have their current account too… And it’s not an open bank supported connection in monzo booo!

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That’s the gross rate, or 5.12% AER for comparison purposes.

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