Monzo Cash ISAs 2020/21 thread

Currently there is the 0.93% interest rate offered by Investec through the app. Is there any news on whether any other providers will be added to the list, maybe Paragon, OakNorth, Charter Savings Bank returning to the list or possibly new partners?

  • Easy Access ISA
  • Cash ISA
  • Fixed-term ISA
  • Notice accounts
  • Junior ISA
  • Fixed Rate Bonds

Best results from MSE:


And, given the confusion which emerged recently for Monzo and it’s customers around the ISA, there’s no better explanation of the types of ISA and the do’s & don’ts than in the MSE article above.


but will people read it …nah… :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Dunsford. I already saw this, but was hoping that there would be some more options from within the Monzo app as currently there appears to be just the one.

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Yeah, I might be tempted to go outside the Monzo app when my current fixed savings mature’s :confused:

My ISA are held outside of Monzo.

Cannot afford not to if you want slightly more decent returns.

It seems to be one case where loyalty pays off a bit.

I’m still getting 1.5% on my flexible cash ISA with Coventry BS

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I am getting 1.46% with Coventry BS with mine.

@Gaoler @PaulUK how do you both get rates that high with Cash ISAs? The fixed rate on offer is 1.35%.

Marcus by GS still has one of the best rates at 1.30% var and 1.45% fixed.
Can open a account within minutes too

Mine is a Limited Access one on an ISA no longer available. Could change at any time tbh

They are old rates that haven’t gone down.

Usually, it’s worth looking around for the best savings rates, but I think it’s possibly worth sticking with one of the big providers for a cash ISA, as loyalty has certainly paid off for me with Coventry for the last few years

Still getting 1.2% with Principality Building Society, without any restrictions on withdrawals, which is nice.

EDIT: It’s now dropping to 0.55%… :neutral_face:

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Spoke too soon.

Email today from Coventry BS stating that my rate will reduce to 0.81% in two weeks.

Just paid in this year’s allowance too!!!

Now looking for a new home.

Fixed rate looks the way forward.

Post Office offer 1.30% for 1 Year, however, many reviews on PO are not positive.

Ford Money and Charter Bank offer 1.25% and 1.26% respectively, though not liking their proposed actions at end of term (in unlikely event I fail to give timely instructions).

One locks it away for another 12 months by default, the other pays it into a nominated account (losing ISA status, no doubt).


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Though neither of those are ISA rates.

For saving hard, I am one of those privileged enough to give the government 20% of my interest > £1,000 in the next tax year.

Under the radar this year :grin:

With saving rates likely to keep coming down you may not have to pay a penny!

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You could well be right.

The way I use my Nationwide account, I’ll achieve about 70p gross over the 12 months after the latest rate reduction takes effect :man_shrugging:

The best way to ‘store money’ - is to spend it (in my experience!). It takes away a lot of hassle and you can enjoy what you bought!

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I spent a lot of mine on trips abroad this year.

Now battling for refunds as each gets cancelled!!