Cash ISAs?


I am probably being dim so excuse me and feel free to throw things at my head!

The latest Android update has just arrived and on the notes it says Monzo is offering cash isa’s…but I can’t find anything in app?




Hi D,

Monzo have been teasing and suggesting the implementation of Cash ISAs and there was a sign-up if you’re interested thread somewhere. EDIT: Join the waitlist for ISAs with Monzo

This looks like they are getting ready to implement so I think we shall hear more soon! We don’t really have a lot of info on these, no interest rate % or whether they will be flexible or not - but as it is in the next batch of updates hopefully it isn’t much longer now!

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Hi. I did sign up for the updates, but it went a bit quiet! I just got excited by the update notes in the Play Store!

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Yeah I saw that too - I assume ISAs will launch in the app at the point this release goes public. Maybe slightly before. But I think it’s controlled by a backend flag which is currently still off

I can’t see anything in the App Store for iOS unfortunately :frowning: so could just be setting up for the rollout.

I’m sure you will hear from Monzo prior to the general roll-out as you signed up!

Oops someone pressed publish a bit too soon.

I have no idea if this applies, but when I questioned Starling as to why their announcements were being shared in the media before their own forum, I was told it was because no one wanted to write the articles after it had been announced on the forum first.

Might not be the case here of course, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


Oooo these look good, and why wouldn’t these be announced in the press? Got to get them customers.

I’ll take a instant access cash isa please


This bit of the update definitely made me jump out of bed!
Hope they announce it with all the proper fanfares either later today or tomorrow!

it a shame these new accounts have a minimum balance of £500 though


OakNorth normally themselves have a minimum of £1000


I think the Cash ISAs are under a feature flag so they won’t be in the app yet.

From what I’ve seen, for some features Monzo use the release notes to inform people that a feature under a feature flag has been released.

Therefore I’d expect Cash ISAs to be released before that updates is released to everyone.

Wow! Sounds really nice!

But what is the point of it? Less that £500-£1000? There will be a pennies of interest

I do understand but most instant isa can be opened with a lot lower amounts then 500

Based on this, I assume because Monzo are taking a cut it is more beneficial to go to OakNorth direct? :confused:

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These new accounts and rates are far from market leading but I think they represent much better value than other initiatives from Monzo up to now. Yes, you can earn more interest elsewhere, or even by going direct to OakNorth, but for those people who want to manage all of their money in Monzo, this is a very reasonable proposition :+1:t2:



This should appeal to those who don’t want the hassle of multiple places to maintain things. Easy of use is worth a lot to some people.

For those that don’t mind, they’ll go elsewhere anyway.


Completely agree. I never expected Monzo to be market leading, I’m happy to take lower rates for the convenience of going through Monzo.

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