Are Monzo getting left behind in the savings space?

Hi guys, Does anyone else think Monzo are getting left behind in savings space. Although they offer decent rates on the plus and premium accounts the maximum limits are low and the options on interest paying pots are woeful currently. With the likes of Atom offering 0.75% Investec 0.71% Revolut 0.7% (Metal) and Marcus at 0.6% maybe they feel it is a better option to let people run one of these accounts alongside their main account instead of trying to incorporate into a 1 stop shop? What are your thoughts?

Hopefully the rates will start going up again, they weren’t bad prepandemic

Or just use a different provider for savings


Honestly no.

Saving rates are, for the most part awful from what I can see. Strangely the 1% on Monzo plus balances is actually better than a lot of saving rates out there generally. I agree it would be nice for a higher limit

The only additional would be a stocks and shares option perhaps


I get 1% on my Virgin Money savings account, and 0.84% with Tesco (latter n/a now)


Mine is stuck on 0.65% !


Worth noting this is on a paid for sub. 0.15% is the standard instant access offering.

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