Saving account

Which banks do you all use for saving account?
Any recommendations?

Purely for easy access Santander 123 current account. Not as good as fixed, but I will need my money soon and can’t afford to lock it away for 1-5 years otherwise.

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I’m just getting my finances sorted but I’m mainly going to be investing with Freetrade as it has the potential to give me a better return for money I want to keep for the long term

Instant access doesn’t have a good rate so not bothered about that at the moment

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At the moment I just keep our emergency find in Monzo earning no interest, the next bunch of cash that I might need in the medium term I keep in 3month to 2 year Atom fixed savers and then all the rest goes into stocks and shares ISAs for the long term.

Interest rates are so low I’ve not bother shipping around for a better place to put the emergency fund.

Tesco Internet saver

For rate and easy access

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Which kind of savings account?

The MSE website is very good for staying up to date on the best savings accounts


You should really retain some cash savings though.

You don’t want to have to sell stock market investments to pay for unexpected expenses after a market crash.


I’m building an emergency fund at the same time. When I’ve got that sorted i’ll look at an ISA :+1: It’s a 3 pronged strategy


Have you seen this? I think it’s been posted before but I found it helpful:


I get 5% with HSBC regular saver, gotta put away between £25 and £250 per month for 12 months then sign up for it again.

I’m looking for a new savings account at the moment. I have a Skipton LISA, Help to Buy ISA with Halifax and a e-saver account (2.5%) with Virgin. I had a regular saver at 5% with First Direct but that has ended now. Virgin are doing a regular saver at 3% but you need to go into a branch to set that up, you can’t online frustratingly!

This is part of the reason I haven’t gone #FullMonzo, because I may want to change my current account to get another 5% regular saver. It is a lot of faff though!

You don’t need to change your current account though. Just open additional current accounts. If they have minimum monthly income requirements, just circulate your money through the accounts automatically via standing orders.

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That is true - although one of the main reasons I wanted to switch to Monzo was not having current accounts all over the shop. I feel like I already have so many accounts as it is, and although I am good at tracking everything it just feels more stressful to me if the money is moving around between lots of different accounts.

The other concern is that I want to apply for a mortgage within the next year or so, and I am not sure whether moving away from a bank I have been with for a while is a good idea or not. I don’t know if it would effect what I am offered if I have no longevity with a bank (although personally I don’t think it should be fair to take that into account with the way things are going these days).

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