Savings Accounts Ideas


I have some money and want to put it into a savings account - Monzo’s rates just don’t seem worth it - any suggestions with where else has a better rate?

Thanks in advance!

Marcus by GS is the best you’re gonna get in a savings account.




Hi @Errota,

Here is an uploaded picture for saving rates. It can be a good start point.
Best buys for savers.

I wouldn’t suggest anything particularly because I don’t know what is your saving goal, timeframe etc.

My answer in general:

  • An emergency fund for easy access can be good with Marcus. ( If you already have some money to put in. Let’s say £1000 plus some money goes in every month, you will get £1.xx per month)
  • Regular saving account if you start saving every month( It should have a higher rate like 2.5-3 %). It can be good for one-year target saving.
  • Stock and share ISA for long term savings ( I believe it is at least 5+ years)
    -… There are some more options, depends on your risk and timeframe.

I’m to with Marcus simple straight forward online👌