Best savings accounts

What are people doing with their savings these days?

At least some of money should be in an instant access account, or perhaps 7 days at a push. The rest I could lock up for a month or two if required.

I was with Marcus, then Chase, then recently moved to Virgin Money, but their rates have already been beaten by Shawbrook and Atom.

Ideally, I’d like somewhere I can put money that will roughly keep up with leading interest rates. It doesn’t have to be the best all the time, but I could do without the hassle of constantly switching.

What’s everyone else doing at the moment?

I use Monzo easy access interest pots for short term savings tied to specific goals (e.g. pots for predicted annual home insurance, car insurance bills, holiday budget, etc) which I accumulate monthly from my income.

I use Zopa for emergency savings fund. Now that I’ve accumulated what I need, I don’t add to this further. I also siphon a bit from this every month to deposit into a couple of regular saver accounts (for higher interest rates), which I continue to treat as part of my emergency savings pool.

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I split between Marcus and Atom and let them just keep leapfrogging one another to my benefit. I go 50/50 and don’t bother running to shift one to the other when one puts their rates up anymore.

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Zopa for me. Highest rate I’ve seen and they seem to increase quickly.


NS&I. Sure, with average luck it won’t match the best savings rates, but at least I can dream of being a millionaire


I was looking for somewhere to start putting my next round of savings as my NatWest account only allows £1,000 at 3.3% anything above that attracts a worthless %

I’ve just opened a Zopa pot so will more than likely start putting funds into that.

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+1 for Zopa. I’ve put all my non-fixed savings into them and split it between their various boosting pots.

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Good alternative to the national lottery more than anything else as you can always get your money back unlike the lottery where the money is wasted.

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I am using Zopa for my savings

Thanks all for the Zopa recommendations. Opened account and waiting on verification then bye bye Chase :wave:

Honestly with things as they are I’m keeping them with Monzo.

People are free to do what they want but in a world of high inflation etc moving it from 1pc to 1.5pc to 1.6pc to me is a bit like moving the deckchairs on the titanic

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Moved to Zopa from Virgin Money (had to use Monzo as a vessel) the transfer isn’t instant, but good enough

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Moved from Chase to Virgin Money. Keeping it there for now.

I’m buying stuff I need (like a new kitchen). It’ll be 10% more expensive next year.

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