Santander Cycle Scheme not accepting my Mondo

(David Sulitzer) #1


I tried changing my card to Mondo on my Santander Cycle Scheme account but it wouldn’t accept it. I reverted back to my old card and it was accepted.

Is this normal? Is TFL cycling refusing prepaid cards?


I have used :mondo: on Santander Cycles with their iOS app. I don’t know if they accept it at the terminals.

(Matt Bessey) #3

Just wanted to bump this thread as this is still the case. Even while being a member of the 3D Secure labs, I could not pay for bikes with the Santander Cycles Android app. The app takes £2 then immediately refunds it every time. It’s really annoying because it means I can’t use auto-topup, so I have to tap through the bloody 10 legalese screens on the terminals every time!

(Andy) #4

It wasn’t on the merchant acceptance wiki so I’ve added it on this now! Surprising it’s still not working even with 3DS

(Jonathon) #5

Strange - I’ve used the bikes loads of times with Monzo.

(Rika Raybould) #6

It’s worth noting that the billing address must be absolutely identical across the account address and payment method address for many TfL systems. It causes strange, declines if it isn’t. :grimacing: