Santander Cycle Scheme not accepting my Mondo


I tried changing my card to Mondo on my Santander Cycle Scheme account but it wouldn’t accept it. I reverted back to my old card and it was accepted.

Is this normal? Is TFL cycling refusing prepaid cards?

I have used :mondo: on Santander Cycles with their iOS app. I don’t know if they accept it at the terminals.

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Just wanted to bump this thread as this is still the case. Even while being a member of the 3D Secure labs, I could not pay for bikes with the Santander Cycles Android app. The app takes £2 then immediately refunds it every time. It’s really annoying because it means I can’t use auto-topup, so I have to tap through the bloody 10 legalese screens on the terminals every time!

It wasn’t on the merchant acceptance wiki so I’ve added it on this now! Surprising it’s still not working even with 3DS

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Strange - I’ve used the bikes loads of times with Monzo.

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It’s worth noting that the billing address must be absolutely identical across the account address and payment method address for many TfL systems. It causes strange, declines if it isn’t. :grimacing:


I still couldn’t see this on the wiki so have added it. They say on the phone they don’t accept Monzo or Revolut for the online/phone system where you can add access periods and auto-pay linked to your online account. It works fine for and hoc use with the ground terminals. Would be great if there’s anyone at Monzo who can help push this. The website says the card has to support 3DS - maybe they are just out of date with Monzo having implemented it?