Sandwich Chat

That makes no sense.

It’s like asking who makes good sandwiches. What sandwiches do you like? What condiments? Which type of bread? What makes a good sandwich? Where do you live so I can see who delivers?

Not sure why you’re so reluctant to answer the basic questions people are asking :confused: As a result you’re making it difficult for people to offer some tailored advice so you’re just getting very generic responses.

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My favourite sandwich is Virgin Media’s.

It’s a bit metallic, but full of Fibre!


Best. Topic. Ever :rofl:

Someone mentioned yam before but I can’t find the comment. I need to try this and I have questions!

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:baguette_bread: Cheese topped white roll with olive Oil

Chicken :chicken: Bacon :bacon: Avocado :avocado:

black pepper finish.


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I had that today.

Brown bread, cumin’d Yam (sweet potato) slices, that have been roasted off and left to cool. Garlic mayo, grated cheddar, egg slices, celery salt, and rocket leaves. Available in Piece in Glasgow!

Fried smoked bacon on white bread with proper butter.

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I love that @cookywook split out the topic but couldn’t be bothered to go through the flag queue :laughing:


I have no idea what’s going on


But in all seriousness, what is going on…? :rofl:

In another topic (nothing to do with sandwiches), it veered off topping, oops, topic very quickly - and funnily - except some people did their best to keep it on track by flagging posts :frowning: The flagged posts overwhelmed the topic, so a moderator split it off at the ‘sandwich injection’ point. But err… never bothered to deal with the flagged posts - hence the large amount of ‘still flagged’ posts at the start of this new branch.


I feel hungry



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That sounds amazing. I’ve never had yam, so I need to see if I can find some :eyes:

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When I’m feeling decadent I’ll make myself a croque madame.

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But is it only decadent because you gave it a french name? C’mon, it’s a cheese and ham toastie and we all know it! :wink:

It’s the bechamel sauce that makes it indulgent. I pour it over the top of the sandwich as well as spreading it in the middle with the cheese and ham.

Oh, and I use a sourdough loaf instead of normal bread too.

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Ohhh my! I’m not drooling, you’re drooling!

Side question: Why is sourdough ‘THE’ posh bread at the moment, I’m getting a bit fed up of it tbh. (apologies, I realise this is technically off-topic).

I’m not a fan of sourdough for the sake of sourdough, but for croque madame as I make it, it helps balance the flavours. That it’s a bit easier to find in shops than it used to be, I can’t complain about that actually.

I think I know what sandwich I’ll be making myself this sunday :sweat_smile:

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