Motorola Razr (2020)

I have a lot of nostalgia for Motorola, but I never owned one of their RAZR phones.

A foldable portrait smartphone would be cool though, and it’s about time new form factors hit the market.

Will be interested to see how these develops!

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I still have an original at home.

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They tried this a few years ago. It failed.

Looks pretty awesome!

I still have my original silver (US locked) RAZR - never got round to doing anything with it for the last 15 years though.

The keypad was amazing, and the small external screen was… erm… functional. But what a phone. A true successor to the StarTAC (wish I still had that one - that was incredible!)

I still have an original too but I bought and sold a couple on eBay over the years and this one doesn’t have the greatest software setup.

I much preferred Sony Ericsson’s at the time, they were amazing.

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I had one but makes me feel old.

The T19 was a good phone, then I had a T28 for a while, both were ‘pseudo-flips’ or ‘flaps’?!?
Then the T68 ‘candy bar’ - colour screen (WOW) - arrived and was amazing. Bluetooth-intro anyone?
The T68i followed which was OK…
Then the T610 launched and, OMG, game changer again. SE owned it.

At that point, MS launched Win Mobile following on from PPC (Compaq iPAQ) and… I could go on about historical game changers until the :cow2:'s come home :zzz:

Thankfully we’re all here on the back of previous good/bad attempts at mobile tech.

Loved the StarTAC and RAZR …

Launching Feb 6th!

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