Samsung Payment app

Hi! I have a Samsung phone and I’ve tried to add my card to my Samsung pay app but Monzo is only available for Apple pay. I hope that maybe at some point it’ll be available for Samsung as well?

Keep hoping!

Monzo have given no indication that they are considering this. Same with Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Badger Pay.


You can use google pay on your Samsung phone with Monzo, though.

Use Google Pay instead:

I already have 2 cards on Samsung pay both of which I’ve left behind when I moved to the UK so im just hoping that I won’t have to juggle two payment apps

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Is Samsung Pay still a thing? I genuinely thought it was scrapped about five years ago and they just went with Google Pay.

Bit of a workaround but it absolutely works and you don’t need to think about it once it’s set up…

Open a account for free, link you Monzo Card to Curve (you can set monzo as the default payment card for any curve transactions). Add your curve card to Samsung Pay.