Salary splitting to top up pots

This may already be a thing so sorry if it is but could not discover how to do it.

It would be nice if part of the Salary slitter there was a way to top up a pot to a set value to help combine with bill pots.

For example if i know £200 will cover my bills plus have some left over each month then when the salary gets paid in it will just top it back up to 200, from what i can tell/see if looks like it would put 200 in each month meaning that if i had £50 left over then the balance after the salary would be £250 instead of the £200, would just be simpler that doing the maths each month to accommodate for changes in bills (phone, gas/electric etc)

Hi Thomas & welcome :wave:

It’s a manual process at the moment, and probably for the best.
Example; If you receive a payment into your account of £100, you can activate Salary Sorter and send £40 to a pot.
The next time the payment is received, SS remembers what you did last time but this basically means it gives you chance to adjust the amounts/destinations then confirm. Then the next time the payment is received, it will remember the last sort. Repeat…

I prefer this manual intervention stage, because circumstances change from time to time. And if they don’t, it’s only 1 tap away from being sorted (or not!)

Hi David

Sorry I did mean that you still have to go through the SS process and are able to change it, but you could select an option to instead of defaulting to sending £40 to a pot it would default to £37 instead of £40 if you had £3 in there. This way you could still adjust and overrode on a month to month basis is situations change but could be quick if you know you always want £40 on there untill your situation changes (hope that kinda made sense haha)


Yes, that makes total sense and would be useful to many people no doubt.


So the ability to set a ‘maximum’ limit for a Pot which the Salary Splitter would respect? Sounds like a good idea to me.

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