Bill pots scheduled top up

I’ve just started using bill pots, not sure why i had never seen them before. But my question is about top up, can a scheduled pot top up be set up for the same day as pay day? There wouldn’t be enough money if the pot topped up first but does it try again later?

Also an automatic top up would be good to set up based on how many bills you’ve set up to be paid from that pot and it will automatically take the money from the main account on pay day

Bills come out before pay goes in usually so no. If there’s not enough money in the pot it takes from your main account

Salary sorter may be a better option which is a manual process the first time you use it and then semi-automatic each time after that.

When your pay arrives, assuming it is over £100, use Salary Sorter to send the required amount to the Bills pot and enable the ‘remember’ option.
Then the next time you get paid, Salary Sorter will trigger and remember the amount to send to the pot, so just confirm and it’s done!

I have mine set-up in this ‘2-step’ process - Salary Sorter puts the required amount(s) into the Bills pot and Pay-from-pot then ‘pays’ the bills when they happen. So what I have ‘left-to-spend’ really is what I have left to spend, without micro-budgeting. It works like a charm and I have multiple incomes (and more bills than I like) crediting & debiting the account throughout a typical monthly cycle.


My BACS comes in at 01:00 every pay day, and the scheduled pots go a couple of hours later, so no issues normally.

Is your incoming via BACS? Check the times of the last few paydays and see if they vary.

I asked Monzo about this a couple of years ago on live chat and they said the process all incoming payments before outgoings. So every pay day I have payments going into bills and to other people.

I will have a look at the salary splitter and see how that works but it’s good to know money in comes before money out.

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