Salary sorter with a varied salary

How does salary sorter cope when your salary changes? For example, every Christmas I do an extra donation to charity, so my take-home is lower.

I have 100% of my current salary allotted to various pots; nothing goes into my “general” account. So what will happen when I have less next pay and it’s insufficient to cover all my pre-programmed sorts?

It only remembers what you did last time if you told it to remember. Even then, you have the option to change what you did last time before you commit.

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I’ve only used the salary sorted successfully once so far, and I can’t remember if I told it to remember my settings or not :grimacing:

As you have to confirm the sort each and every time even if you’ve told it to remember your settings, it won’t break fall over completely. But it would be interesting to know if where the amount is lower than the total sort it proportionally lowers all your categories, lowers the missing amount from only one category, or falls over and resets to zero for you to program again.

It asks you to set it again, I have it all the time as I am wage payed
I never bother and just move everything myself

Hmm… @Monzo, a suggestion: add a salary sorter variable called “Remainder” or somesuch, and then that can be whatever is left over after Salary Sorter allocations. That can default to your main account, but allow people to move that to a pot.

I budget weekly, so move case from a pot to the main account for that.

You don’t have to allocate all your money into pots. Whatever you have left over goes into your main account.


I don’t want any money in my general account.

I don’t think you understand how the salary sorter works or we’re all not understanding what you’re asking for.

If you don’t want any money to go into your main account just adjust the figures so that every penny goes into a pot(s) of your choosing :confused: Each time you get paid you have the option to change the figures in advance if you wish. This will then allow you to put less into certain pots should you not get paid as much as last time - or vice-versa.

Maybe it’s best shown by example… Let’s say I have:

Main Account
Travel pot
Clothing pot
Holding pot

When I get paid (say £1,000), I want to split it like this:

Main Account: £—
Travel pot: £100
Clothing pot: £100
Holding pot: £800

Then the way I budget is weekly with automatic withdrawals from my “Holding pot” into my main account.

But if I save the £100/£100/£800 example below, and then the next month I get paid £900, I want it to be:

Main Account: £—
Travel pot: £100
Clothing pot: £100
Holding pot: £700

So this what I meant by having an option for “Remainder”. This way we can set up our splitter so the remainder goes where we’d like, regardless if our pay varies. The default for this could be our main account, but we should be able to change that if we’d like.

Main Account: £—
Travel pot: £100
Clothing pot: £100
Holding pot: Remainder

I used to accomplish this at Metro Bank by having two separate current accounts. I went full Monzo in November thinking the salary sorter would let me replicate this, but seems it’s not quite robust enough yet.

Ahh ok I think I understand now. You want the remainder to be automatic.

Currently after being paid £1,000, when it came to getting paid £900 it would remember how you split the money last time so all you’d do is decrease the ‘remainder’ pot before clicking the sort button.

You want Monzo to know you’ve been paid less and automatically adjust the remainder pot so you don’t have to?

Exactly. I would like to be able to put in set amounts in A, B, C, and then whatever’s leftover goes in D.